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Nipigon and Float Tube Net Models

My 'Float Tube' model has a slightly longer handle for that extra bit of reach you might want whether fishing from a float tube, pontoon or even if you are using a rod that is 10' long. Sometimes I will use leaders that are 12 to 14 feet long and I don't like to bring the leader knot into the tiptop for fear of having it hang up if the fish takes another run. For situations like that you might consider this model. Float Tube Nets are not available in all of the wood choices due to the length of the handle.

The 'Nipigon' model is a hybrid of the Wading Net and a Float Tube net. It has the hoop of a Float Tube net and the handle of a Wading Net thereby giving you a slightly larger hoop opening but in a more compact configuration. Nipigon Nets are typically available in all of the wood choices.

Currently Available Float Tube Nets

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Currently Available Nipigon Nets

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