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Premium Quality Landing Nets, Handcrafted by Lloyd D Hautajarvi

Fish, Friends & Flies

One of the great joys I get out of making these nets is the fact that I am able to connect with fellow fishermen from around the world. I've sold nets on 5 continents (still waiting for sales to Antarctica and South America). I've got 'fishing buddies' in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Korea, France, England, Finland, Germany and Canada in addition to sales in at least 40 states.

cavaille brown trout

Our Good Side

grizzled brule veterans

Four grizzled Brule River veterans and their Brule Steelhead nets.

Sutton River Polar Bear

sutton river polar bear

In 2011 I traveled to the Sutton River, a tributary to Hudson Bay. On our last day we encountered two Polar Bears. Below, you can see what a Polar Bear can do to a Royalex canoe. Fortunately this was not one of our canoes.

sutton river broken canoe

randy with sutton river resident

Randy with a gorgeous resident of the Sutton River